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What to expect from your Design Live trial

Of course we will get through your personal requirements to cover your needs and make sure you get what you searched for.

Talk about your personal requirements if specified

Quickly draw room layouts in minutes

Easily change kitchen designs in a few clicks

Create photo-realistic 3D images that wow customers

Quote instantly and with certainty directly from the design

Automatically produce plans, part-lists and orders

Design faster than ever

Quickly design your client's dream kitchen using thousands of flexible products from manufacturers.

Easily communicate with manufacturers

Create accurate orders & reports with the specifics of your design and send to your manufacturer directly.

Seamless workflow

Import dimensions, design your client’s space, present your work, generate reports, and submit your orders all in one place.

2020 Design Live highlights


Pin-sharp renderings

Maximize efficiency and quality with the new EZ Render engine that will automatically apply and calibrate lighting and true material finishes.


Real manufacturer products

Access the largest selection of online manufacturer catalogs with configurable cabinetry, appliances and plumbing available on 2020 Cloud.


Vast decor collection

Use 2020 Design Live’s native decorative cloud items and SketchUp integration to personalize your designs and impress clients.

“We’re getting a lot more unique projects over the last few years than we ever have, because we’ve been able to easily show customers what is possible in kitchen design to give them something different they will love.”

– Mckenna Hutchinson,G.W. Smith Kitchen Studio


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